Why I do this!

After being a stay at home mom of 3, I pursued my dream of Nursing but that lead to a back injury and numerous back surgeries :( So...I wanted to then start my own at home business. I was new to mineral makeup and I loved it. But why buy from named brand companies if I can create my own! So after learning how to do so....I got started and began selling online. It was the perfect at home business and I also sold locally in my hometown.
Then in 2009 my husband of 25 years died suddenly and my world turned upside down. My husband was my life since I was just 15 yrs old, so needless to say my business was put on hold. Before he passed away, he was my rock and my biggest supporter of my business. Always encouraging me. So to get back on my feet and help heal the grief I thought about how much he would want me to continue my business. So that is when I decided to re-open my etsy store which had been closed for quite some time and get started again in honor of my husband and his support of me.
But most importantly what I love the most about this business is making others feel good about themselves. When I get messages from customers that tell me how much they love the product and how beautiful it makes them feel, that says it all to me! And that is what keeps me loving this!

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